What is Death?

The post I have recently made is a powerful word that took me a while to receive from the Lord, but I hope it speaks volumes to you as it did to me. If you read my blog often, you’ll know I only write about once a month. However, this one is something the Father […]

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Obedience ≠ Legalism

Hi friends, brothers and sisters. I have really wanted to address this for a couple of months since the Lord first put it on my heart, but I also wanted to get more revelation from Him so that I would not just be giving my opinion. I have had a couple of opportunities to talk […]

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Sin is a Virus

I have recently had problems with my anti-virus software. I never had issues with it before. Even when I called it up to check and/or change my settings, the prompts on the screen would not take effect. After getting in touch with the manufacturer, I asked the agent to gain remote access so that he […]

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The Cost of Discipleship

The purpose in virtually all of these posts over the past three years has been to introduce the Lord God, His ways, how they are better (in fact, perfect) and how they are much different than the world’s ways in order for those who don’t yet belong to Him to know and appreciate the need […]

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The Lordship of Sin

We like to think we are free beings, but we are not. We are free by design and free to choose, but most of our choices imprison us. What do I mean by this? I mean that most of our decisions and subsequent actions end up limiting us and giving us consequences (and this is […]

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