“Go Tell it on the Mountain!”

Good morning brothers and sisters in the Lord and friends who are yet to have that saving, grace-filled relationship with our Creator! This morning while still in bed but awake, I heard plain as day in my heart, “Isaiah 44:10.” I got up immediately to see and read what the Father had to say to me. This verse asks the unrepentant and the wayward Christian, “Who fashions a god or casts an idol that is profitable for nothing?”

The Word tells us in the New Testament that in the end times (in which we now live), there will be false Christs. Idols. Things or people that take the place of the One and only Living God. Does a false Christ mean someone claiming to be the Messiah? There have been those, yes. In different countries there have actually been men saying they are Jesus Christ. Obviously, they are wrong and misleading. Notice again in the beginning of verse 10, Isaiah specifically uses the word “fashion.” Here it is a verb and it means to make, to craft, to form. As much as it refers to statues, amulets and things made of rock, wood or metal, what the Spirit is revealing to us- urgently- today is that we have the ability to fashion with our minds. What do I mean? Have you read the Bible? Do you now? If so, do you do it regularly?

If not, you have probably, to some degree, fashioned an idea or impression of God that is altogether wrong or incomplete. Having only bits of truth to work with, you fashion a version of the Lord which is a misrepresentation…to yourself and, perhaps, to others. On a more dangerous note, we choose to create, form, cast or fashion a god who we WANT to believe in or who we find more comfortable to have faith in. That is a false god and a false Christ as well. For instance, if you are attracted to someone and romantically interested in them, but don’t know them very well yet or even not at all, your desires begin to fill in the gaps. You are fashioning a lover, a “soulmate,” a future husband or wife. You are imagining an ideal according to your wishes, likes, hopes, lifestyle, etc. before even taking the the time to meet them, talk to them, spend time with them and forming a relationship of any valid or worthwhile sort. If you don’t take the time to seek Jesus Christ through His self-revealing Word, the Holy Bible, any image you have of Him is false. The fact that the Creator and God of the universe made you, knows everything about you and still, though you are estranged from Him through sin, chose to voluntarily die a horrible death for the sins you have committed, do commit and will commit so that you could KNOW Him in a way that gives you restoration and redemption, should speak volumes of His love for you.

At the same time, there is a cost associated with this relationship. He is your Lord. He is your Master. We must decrease, He must increase. In fact, we must die to ourselves. He must be preeminent in our lives. And not just one area, but all areas. After all, He is God and deserves nothing less. Heaven is His throne and the earth is but His footstool. We must not fashion a god for ourselves, whether it is a fat-bellied Buddha, a wrong belief system of merit based on good and bad works, an emergent doctrine that says that love and grace are the pillars of eternal life while leaving out the fundamental issue of sin, a worldview of atheism (the lie that there is no God to whom we must one day give an account) the worldview of agnosticism (the lie that God cannot be known for sure), nor whatever non-convicting, comfortable god we have fashioned for ourselves which profits us nothing and will ultimately cost us everything. This past week, the Father has made His will abundantly known through song, through Christmas card message, through His Word, etc. to “Go tell it on the mountain that Jesus Christ is born!” A mountain is a venue for making many people aware of something, not just one. That is why I am sharing this message. Out of obedience and on the eve of celebrating the Savior’s coming into the world. CHRISTmas! Please take the message to heart. Do some honest self-evaluating. Give yourself a present for Christmas. Rather, receive the one He gave you. Today is the day of salvation.


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