What is Death?

The post I have recently made is a powerful word that took me a while to receive from the Lord, but I hope it speaks volumes to you as it did to me. If you read my blog often, you’ll know I only write about once a month. However, this one is something the Father has impressed upon me; something someone is thinking about (or has) and needs to hear from a godly perspective or they won’t understand. They are like the Ethiopian eunuch who, when asked by Phillip, “Do you understand what you are reading?” replied “How can I unless someone explains it to me?”

You see, we have a human mind and we understand things only in a human way. If we are to understand G-d’s truth, we need not only to see things from His perspective but we need our minds to be set free and to be unencumbered from human teachings, human reasoning, “logic” and experience. The Lord has brought to my attention there are people who misinterpret verses such as Romans 6:23, “The wages of sin is death.” They might be asking, “Just because I don’t believe like you do, God is sending me to Hell? That isn’t a god I want to believe in.” (Those last nine words and/ or prepositions are something I SO want to address, but that’s not the Lord’s purpose here.) Let me stay focused on the issue at hand.

Jehovah, Yahweh, Elohim, Adonai, Jesus Christ is eternal. He is the Creator. The Creator- He alone- has the ability to give life. The clay cannot fashion itself. Instead, it is the potter or the sculptor who forms it because of his or her creative capacity. Of course, they are taking a shapeless lump of inanimate essence and merely changing its physical structure or appearance. He or she has limitations. However, G-d has no such boundaries or hindrances and, since He alone is Life, He alone has the faculty to GIVE life.

The Lord is pure, good (morally perfect), guiltless, blameless, righteous and holy! There is no sin in Him, nor can He sin. His nature is pure and holy; therefore He is 100% holy. There is no room for any spot, stain, blemish or wrinkle to be part of the mix. We were created unstained (as a race of people, in Adam and Eve our progenitors), but also with the freedom-inspired and freedom-mandated prerogative to “choose” in any and all situations. Adam and Eve, through enticement, deception, “reasoning,” and their own desires exercised their right to choose. This decision, as many of ours are, was in direct violation of G-d’s clearly articulated will. Since they disobeyed, sin entered the world and marred the Creator’s perfect work. Sin is 100% contrary to the Father’s nature and essence. This act created a breach, a separation. Holiness and unholiness cannot dwell together, cannot occupy the same space. Since G-d is life, anything outside of His nature is subject to death because it is no longer connected to the source that created and sustains it (see the very apt analogy our Lord Jesus used in John 15:5).

The reason that Romans 6:23 says that the wages (penalty, outcome, fruit, aftereffect, consequence, end product) of sin is death has less to do with what you might wrongly perceive as “dictatorial punishment” and more to do with the fact that pure life, light and truth cease to be uncontaminated if intermingled with death, darkness and lies. If you have a can of white paint, in order for it to remain white, not even the slightest bit of black, green, blue or brown paint can be blended together with it. (Now, for good theology, I have to say that we could never “change” who the Father is, nor His nature- He is immutable- but you get the idea). If you are doing the laundry and hope to keep your clothes white, you don’t wash them with something dark or colored. Red and white make pink. Now nothing has the intended outcome or use. G-d is so powerful and brilliant and perfect and complete, there is nothing and no one who could possibly alter that pure essence in any way. But the Lord is so set apart from us in our perishable and intrinsic state that we and He cannot live contiguously.

Since our inheritance is a corrupted, sinful and impure nature we cannot dwell with an incorruptible, sinless, holy G-d. There is nowhere else for us to go eternally but Hell. Heaven and Hell are the only two perpetual, everlasting dwelling places for the human soul. With the Lord or without Him. If China and Canada were the only two land masses on which to live in all the world, and China’s population was perfectly healthy, while Canada’s citizenry all had cancer, no one from Canada would ever be permitted to move to China. Does this illustration help? Now, you may ask the next obvious question as did some followers of Jesus in Matthew 19: 24-25, “When the disciples heard this, they were greatly astonished and asked, ‘Who then can be saved?’ Jesus’ response was this, “With man this is impossible, but with G-d all things are possible.’” Now you inquire, “How?” I’m glad you asked!

How wonderfully our Lord brings this full-circle by referring back to Phillip and the searching eunuch that were mentioned in the beginning! That passage in Acts 8: 26-40 includes the text the Ethiopian was reading from when he met Phillip, Isaiah 53: 7-8. This chapter is all about JESUS. Verse 3 tells us He was “despised and rejected by men,” just as He is today. No one wants Him and, if they do, they want to believe they can get to Him in a number of ways besides the only one the Father established. Verses 4-5 tell us how He took upon Himself our sins on the Cross. Verse 5 reveals how He brought us peace and healed us from sin, while He took the wrath meant for us. Verse 6 says all people have chosen to go their own way (like Adam and Eve, we have disobeyed), but the Creator’s great and unparalleled love for us brought about a plan to REDEEM us by laying on the Messiah our sin- all of ours. Verse 10 says He put forward HIS soul as an offering for OUR guilt. Verse 11 explains how we, if we choose forgiveness and the laying down of our own old way of life, will take upon ourselves HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS!

Still feel like blaming G-d for your own rebellion and wrong decisions? Still feel like you don’t deserve death (separation from Him)? G-d Himself surely doesn’t deserve it, yet His Son offered Himself in your place. He exchanged His righteousness for your iniquities. Talk about undeserving! He paid everything FOR you. His gift TO you is free. Take it!

G-d bless you.


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