Mr. Magoo: A Portrait of God’s Grace

Hi once again my friends, brothers and sisters- and those who may have unintentionally been guided here by divine providence, or those who decided to check it out because of the odd title. Either way or both, we welcome you and hope the Lord speaks to you and your life.

If you know who Quincy Magoo is, you remember watching the show and laughing at the dangers and misfortunes that came so close to wreaking havoc in his life. He always seemed to avoid falling prey to them, while simultaneously being completely unaware of their existence on all sides. As these perils missed their target, he was walking around legally blind and definitely clueless. I would certainly recommend following this link ( briefly so you can know what I am referring to and so you will have a mental picture of what I will allude to during this post. It is the intro or what you would call the “trailer” to the original cartoon series which aired a little before my time from 1960-1961.

The grace of G-d has many manifestations in the world and it is a phenomenal, unbelievable, undeserved promise and gift in the life of a believer–a true born again, committed and submitted disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. But just so you know how loving, patient, compassionate, merciful and steadfast the Creator is towards even the unbeliever, we can look at the 31-second clip of Mr. Magoo to get a small glimpse of what the grace of G-d looks like even in the lives of those who actively (and passively) reject Him.

You may laugh at what may appear to be an absurd, jovial tutorial to explain the undeserved, protective, powerful hand of the Almighty over us, but it is how the Father above chose to reveal it to me—perhaps because it is so simple that a child can understand it. And maybe even because the images it conjures up won’t soon leave your memory, causing you to realize the many and varied circumstances of His love in your life in the near future. For me, it’s both.

You see, when most of us who do not believe (and by that, I mean have not yet trusted and put faith in the Son of God for the cleansing of their sinful natures and subsequent transgressions) in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and who have not turned from their wicked ways (ungodly thoughts and actions) to receive the blood-bought, free gift of forgiveness of sins, salvation and eternal life through the Messiah go about our daily lives not giving G-d a second, or even first, thought concerning His care, concern, sovereignty, control and governance over us, we are every bit as blind as Quincy Magoo. If you didn’t view the video before, now would be a good time to do it.
From missing death at the hands of the speeding train, to his avoiding injuring himself while plowing through the barn, to evading being stuck in the mud and subsequently being washed clean by the water gushing out of the water hydrant that should have messed up his transmission or other integral parts of his jalopy, to being picked up (rather than sideswiped) by the hook of the crane, to landing on the firm tracks of the roller coaster, to missing multiple tragedies by avoiding a head-on collision with the passengers on the ride, to escaping being electrocuted after having run straight into the high voltage electrical box, among all the other examples in the individual cartoons, this is a multi-faceted and symbolic representation of how the Almighty watches over us every minute of every day and cares so much for us that the Bible even says about those who belong to Him, “Yet not a hair of your head shall perish” (Luke 21:18). And He is so concerned about our feelings, hurts, discouragements and calamities that “You have taken account of my wanderings; put my tears in Your bottle. Are they not in Your book?” (Psalm 56:8).

The point I am trying to convey and to fix in your hearts and minds is that many of us are as unaware of G-d’s hand of care, love and protection over, and in, our lives and as clueless as Mr. Magoo! Many of us go through life devoid of any relationship with G-d. This is not due to His inaction or lack of reaching out. Jesus spread His arms as wide as humanly possible as He died to pay for your sins on the Cross. But the inaction is on our part. And we are quick to assign blame to Him when the consequences of our OWN choices result in ways we do not like.

Have you ever been driving down the road or highway and gotten distracted with your cell phone, changed the setting on your radio or even fallen asleep at the wheel for even just a minute only to have regained your focus or woken up before running off the road, drifting into another lane or had just enough time and distance to slam on your brakes before hitting the car in front of you? These are Mr. Magoo moments. These are just a few instances of grace. That’s G-d’s hand of protection over you. And, chances are, as glad as you were that you avoided catastrophe, you didn’t even stop to consider His arm or providential security over you. You probably just went on about your business just like Mr. Magoo.

If you’ve ever been inclined to think to yourself or even to vocalize the lie that G-d does not care for you, or to trust that you are somehow responsible for all the good that happens in your life- that He mistakenly doesn’t deserve recognition and gratitude for- you may now visualize yourself in Mr. Magoo’s unsmashed car, or envision yourself walking over one moving construction beam to the next ten stories in the air while your feet nearly miss tripping or falling into a snare set for you by the devil himself, or a trap you inadvertently set for yourself by the ungodly choices you have made.

If the Lord G-d Almighty were to remove His hand of grace- even while you are still a rebellious sinner- from your life for even a day or hour or minute, the events that would transpire, or the calamities that would befall you would shock you! You would bend to your knees in gratitude and gladly receive the much more powerful, tangible, observable and eternal grace that His FREE GIFT affords you! Mr. Magoo is blind, but these words have just opened your eyes. What will you do?

God bless you.