Illegal Salvation

Good evening friends, brothers and sisters. I hope you’ve been well since we last connected through these words and pages. At the risk of stirring up ire concerning a controversial subject (which is not my intention), I would like to make a comparison between a common illegality today and one that is ever-relevant and has been going on for a long, long, long time.

I choose it because the Lord shared it with me, and because it’s practical and easy to comprehend. Let’s use these words as an opening statement: “You can’t enter the kingdom of God illegally just like you can’t enter the USA or become a citizen of this country by a relative being a citizen (born here), or without consequences catching up with you sooner or later. There is one way only, the legally provided Way.”

No matter our reasons or justifications, we cannot ignore the rules and prerequisites of another country concerning how to go about entering that country, living and working in that country, and remaining indefinitely in that country. To do so is not only illegal, but will not grant us favor by the authorities because of the obvious disregard for their laws. It will either catch up with us when we least expect it just as we are getting comfortable, or we will never really enjoy true and lasting security and comfort knowing how we sidestepped the statutes put in place to ensure our proper and enduring citizenship. (Further, there are all sorts of ramifications for other people who may and will be affected by our actions.)

In like manner, Almighty God who in unparalleled wisdom created not only the physical world, but the laws and ordinances which govern and protect the world in which we live. And these extend to the sea beneath us to the skies above to the heavenly bodies beyond them, yet below the dominion of His throne.

We are at a point in human history where we are so woefully disconnected from Him and His sovereignty, that we are no longer fearful of Him and His power nor willing, it seems obvious, to seek Him out. Our very makeup is sinful; both our spiritual and natural DNA are infected and diseased. We have called our sins by other names which serves to take the sting and conviction out of the word “sin” itself. We continue to ignore the pricks of conscience designed to get us back on course by turning us back to the Father. Society reinforces this by its same, “accepted” behavior deceiving us into thinking that what has always been wrong is somehow suddenly okay. Eventually, our consciences are so sin-stained, dulled and desensitized that they become what the Bible refers to as “seared.” The Greek word is where we get our English word, cauterize, which means to deaden as to feelings and morals.

Yet the Word of God tells us truthfully that “He has also set eternity in the human heart” (Ecclesiastes 3:11), conveying that at our core, we are aware of our spiritual, eternal existence. We were designed and created to live that way (forever) with God, until our human disobedience all but ruined that plan. There is an odd curiosity that seems to draw us toward perpetuating that sin despite its fleeting “pleasure” and the often longer consequences and repercussions.

So, even more curiously, we purposefully deny ourselves the opportunity to change our godless and hellish path. If we do, however, still sense something of the Almighty Authority, Judge and Pardoner, we attempt vainly to enter the kingdom, the “nation of Israel”, illegally. How? you ask. Just as each earthly and sovereign nation has set up its own duly drafted means by which to enter it, and be allowed to remain and become naturalized, so much more perfectly and appropriately Almighty God has generously provided a way- one Way- to enter His heavenly kingdom. While a small portion of sinners might care enough or be fearful enough to actually seek that higher destination, they do not and will not do it legally. They either choose to devise their own path towards the Creator (which is not possible) by attempting to do some “good” work(s) or they convince and deceive themselves into thinking there are many other ways to enter the kingdom of Heaven (which is also not possible).

Those who elect the illegal path will feel comfortable for a while, enjoying the temporal and temporary pleasures this world and their criminal and forbidden actions afford. Then the reality and avoidable consequence of defying the appropriate, legal and proper entrance will catch up with them. In heavenly terms, this is referred to as the Day of Judgment. This is a time of reckoning, of settling accounts based on a person’s life, words and deeds. For those who have wisely accepted the “legal” provision given freely and afforded by the voluntary, substitutionary and loving death of Jesus Christ, their citizenship is gladly accepted! For those who have not, their end is permanent exile and bondage in the lake of fire.

Don’t be fooled and lured by the deception and enticement of sin. Choose instead the joy and peace of obedience, and the eternal freedom it rewards you; not based on anything you’ve done, for it cannot be earned or deserved. But be humble and grateful that a way has been provided at all! After all, the Lord Jesus Christ shed His blood to pay for our guilt and to provide the legal means for our eternal life in Heaven with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Hallelujah!!! God bless you.


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