(We) the People Want a King!

There is an extremely relevant passage back in the 9th book of the Bible, in the Old Testament and it is found in 1 Samuel chapter 8. In it the prophet Samuel was also serving as a judge over the people of Israel at that time. It tells us that when he was old he […]

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Illegal Salvation

Good evening friends, brothers and sisters. I hope you’ve been well since we last connected through these words and pages. At the risk of stirring up ire concerning a controversial subject (which is not my intention), I would like to make a comparison between a common illegality today and one that is ever-relevant and has […]

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A Revelation about Judging

Friends, brothers and sisters…Happy New Year! But, more than that, I pray for you to have a Blessed New Year! I am very excited to share something with you that I have just learned in the past few days, and this is something I could never have gleaned from just reading the Word alone. God […]

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