Is Omniscience Practical?

Almighty God has many characteristics that we as humans share such as being alive, compassion, anger, understanding, joy, sadness and others, although He never sins; let’s make that absolutely clear. But how does that pertain to knowledge? The word omniscience is comprised of two Latin parts meaning “all-knowing.” And why is this important and applicable? After all, what good is knowing anything if it is not practical in our everyday lives?
The Lord opened my eyes to this several months ago at work and it has not only given me wisdom, but has brought me a peace and understanding that has been beneficial to me time and time again. In addition, it has helped me to be more humble (less prideful), more sympathetic, more respectful both to man and to God, to be less judgmental and to appreciate the Lord more and to know him better.
I was at work one day doing something I do rather frequently in a way that made perfect sense to me, and it had always worked fine. On this particular day, my boss kindly pointed something out to me that I hadn’t considered before. In that moment, I was able to see something I was previously “blind” to. It helped me to understand why he wanted it done a little differently, and why his way was actually better and necessary. The Father instantly took the veil off my mind (which had been there because of ignorance and pride in my own ability) and gave me this illumination: “You make decisions and choices based on the knowledge you have. Your boss’ way is better because he has knowledge (in this case, operations, experience and logistics) that you don’t have. Now that you have that knowledge, you are able to see what you couldn’t see before and understand the benefits. Since you have some knowledge with which to make your choices in life, it leads to some right actions and results. Your boss has more knowledge, so his choices will lead to better actions and better results. Now, consider Me who has ALL knowledge which leads to perfect actions and perfect results!” His omniscience is practical for us.
This is an amazing revelation!!! I am so grateful to the Holy Spirit for the grace to receive, comprehend and live it. It is truly an “A-ha!” moment. It shines a whole new light on such verses as Isaiah 55:9 which says, “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher (better) than your ways and My thoughts higher than your thoughts.” When I don’t understand something, don’t grasp why something happens, or don’t receive an answer to prayer when or how I think I should, I totally find peace and comfort because I now know that in His knowing of everything (and my knowledge of virtually nothing in comparison), His timing and orchestration of things is perfect and complete!
The Lord Jesus is the Word of God (John 1:1-4) and the fullness of God (Colossians 1:19, Hebrews 1:3) and He reveals God to us through the Bible. He reveals His will, His power, His nature, His character- everything He chooses to share. It just makes perfect, logical sense that if we read His Word, we will have a much better knowledge of Him, and therefore have a better understanding of the way in which the world and our lives were meant to be; and still can be. There are other factors that contribute to our wrong choices (such as motives), but godly knowledge is foundational for all living, temporal and eternal.
Now can you understand why giving the Lord Jesus rightful control of your life is so important? God is good, generous, merciful, unconditionally loving. He created the universe. He is the Judge of all. His governing, authoritative, sovereign ways, statutes and laws are based upon perfection and omniscience of the very world HE designed. You are a sinful person. You were born with a sinful nature which lends itself to sinful thoughts and actions (although we bear responsibility for those things because we DO have the freedom to choose what is right). We have this nature because of our blood inheritance from Adam and Eve, the first to be in the flesh and the first to sin. Sin separates us from God because of His holiness and our unrighteousness. Death is the payment of sin. But in His infinite love, He came to the earth in the form of a man, Jesus Christ (fully God and fully man), to willingly and purposely die to take the penalty of our sin! WOW! Admission of guilt, confession of sin, repentance (turning away from sin and to God), receiving forgiveness, submitting to His Lordship—all these things we do in response to and because of His grace towards us. In faith we trust in His divinity, His death for our sin, His resurrection from the dead. We lay down our lives so that we may have life in Him. He alone gives us salvation and eternal life.
You now have more knowledge than you did when you began reading this. Will you take this heavenly knowledge, make the best choice and receive and see the best results? God bless you.


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