LAWLESSNESS, MERCY, GRACE AND WRATH: Michael Brown, Darren Wilson, Jesus & You

We live in such lawless times, from the President all the way down and everything in between. Most people do what they want, when they want and how they want with little or, apparently, no regard for the law (authority) or anyone else. Their main concern is themselves without question.

Sometimes it is as blatant as making choices which, oddly enough, leads to our own destruction. We say with our actions that we want to be free of boundaries, walls or any kind of authority or moral structure which, actually, is meant for our good. So what we think is freedom actually leads to imprisonment– in our hearts, our minds, in penitentiaries and jail cells.

To illustrate this point using a touchy subject, let’s take the case of Micheal Brown and Officer Darren Wilson. Both are to blame. We have heard a lot about what allegedly happened but we don’t know it all, and there are reasons to sympathize with those on both sides. Whatever Michael did, he most likely didn’t need to lose his life. He made some choices which ultimately led to his demise. Had he made different choices, he would be alive today.

He made the choice to steal something. He made the choice to intimidate the store owner. He made the choices to be unafraid, unashamed and unapologetic. He made the choice to walk down the middle of the road, calling attention to himself. And, somewhere along the way, he made the choice to approach a figure of authority in a disrespectful and confrontational posture. All or any one of these choices led the way to his death.

Darren Wilson, on the other hand, made the choices– right or wrong, provoked or not– to fire several shots at someone who was obviously lawless. He, himself, may have been prejudiced or woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning. I am quite sure he is not totally guiltless, either. Even if he was part of the law in Ferguson and was given the responsibility to enforce it on a daily basis, though his life is probably more in tune with following and obeying authority, I am willing to say his obedience to God’s Law on a daily basis is almost sure to be lacking.

Back in the beginning in the Garden of Eden God, who is the universal Judge and Lawgiver, issued a simple and loving command to Adam and Eve: “You may surely eat of every tree of the garden, but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.” God had given them all the freedom they could ever have wanted. It was to be used in obedience which leads to blessing. Instead, they chose disobedience which leads to death– physical and temporal, spiritual and eternal.

We know what choices Michael made. They were in the news, caught on video and brought before a Grand Jury. I find it hard to believe that of all the possible options for indictment towards Officer Wilson, not even the lowest charge of manslaughter was deemed acceptable to bring this to trial. I do not know Darren at all. I don’t wish to come off as being judgmental, certainly based on my less-than-total knowledge of events in what transpired. But,if he is like most people, he doesn’t know Jesus Christ. Michael died unwillingly. Christ died totally willingly. Michael did not act in accordance with even man’s law. Jesus NEVER sinned, especially under God’s perfect Law. Even if Michael were alive today and even if Darren is, my good and biblically-educated guess is that both were/ are dead spiritually. This means that Heaven is not their eternal home.

We see people from all walks of life, from all races and skin tones, from both genders, from every tribe and nation and tongue born into sin. If they– you– don’t realize your sinful condition, acknowledge it in true godly sorrow, ask earnestly for forgiveness, turn from your current way of life and, IN FAITH, receive the free gift of eternal life that is available only through the blood Jesus shed on the Cross to pay for your sins, you are like Darren and will find yourself, in the end, like Michael. God’s love and mercy are abundant, but they are not endlessly waiting for you. We are either the recipients, by our own choice or lack thereof, of grace or due wrath. Which will it be for you? Consider your choice wisely.


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