While I was at work this week and performing a relatively mundane task that didn’t involve much thought, the Holy Spirit guided my mind Heavenward (Philippians 4:8, Colossians 3:1-4). Hallelujah! What He revealed seemed, at first, vague or even perhaps a bit jovial to some. But it is absolutely true and needs to be illuminated and pondered. He spoke, “When people ask you, ‘If God is loving why is there so much evil, wickedness and suffering in the world?’ Tell them plainly, ‘It is precisely because LOVE DOES NOT INSIST ON ITS OWN WAY.’”
This is straight from 1 Corinthians 13 (verse 5) and is not only powerful, but is a better answer than what we sometimes tell people when we respond that (a) this a fallen world and is not the way God intended, (b) His thoughts and ways are different than our thoughts and ways or (c) that God has given us free will; although all of these are certainly true as well.
What the Father’s wisdom is declaring here is succinctly that it is exactly and precisely because GOD IS LOVE [and His love so different from ours that it deserves having a separate word in English to set it apart from the limitations of human love] that the freedoms, choices, responsibilities and privileges we have and enjoy are given to us as His sentient (“able to feel, perceive or experience subjectively”) creations.
It is precisely because He IS love that He creates us as He does and bestows us with sentience, True love cannot operate any other way in any relationship, be it person-to-person or Creator-to-created. Ironically, it is the same attitude or characteristic of the freedom we misuse which only serves to fuel, rationalize or justify our rebellious natures to reject God that also ignorantly, arrogantly and spitefully causes us to ask that question (“Why…?”) in the first place. “Love does not insist on its own way.”


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