Really Not a Rights Issue

I hope that you will print this letter because it deals with a controversial subject which is not viewed from the proper perspective. As such, it is hurting our culture from the individual, to the family, to the Church to the government. The issue is same-sex unions.
So many view it through a secular lens rather than a Biblical one. God made this world- not man- and therefore it needs to be seen and obeyed from His perfect and loving vantage point. It is selfless and always promoting our blessing. The sincere cry on the hearts of these advocates is that it is a rights issue. When these unions are opposed, proponents see it and feel it as discrimination and “hate.” It is not; although on the surface and when emotions are involved, it may be difficult to see it any other way.
The lack of what the LGBT community deems as acceptance is perceived or regarded as an attack on their very persons. In this light, it might be easier to see why they become defensive, hostile or hurt. I am sympathetic to this. They use the word discrimination in their objections because they believe they have the “right” to this union. Some, or even most, liken it to the rights of African Americans to sit in any seats they wish or to use whatever gender-appropriate restroom they wish. Herein lies the error and it warrants clarification.
The reason that the Civil Rights Movement championed by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and others was correct was because it is not a sin to be black, obviously. It is a sin, however to cheat, steal, covet or to be a drunkard, an idolater or to have sexual relations outside the covenant of a man/woman marriage. Fornication, be it premarital, extramarital, heterosexual or homosexual is wrong. Let’s call it what it is for the sake of conscience: sin.
When one breaks the law in society, he or she spends time in jail. Does one still have rights? Yes, but not all of them. They do not have rights concerning the law(s) which they violated; the one(s) which led to their incarceration to begin with. In fact, those behaviors were never rights in the eyes of the law even if one viewed them as such.
It is the same in the kingdom of God and on the earth which belongs to Him and which He created. Almighty God knows all. He knows what is just and evil. He knows what causes order and disorder. He knows what brings blessings and discipline, discontentment and curses. The world is sinful and so out of the created order because it operates under man’s imperfect law at best, and with little or no regard and adherence to his own law- let alone God’s Law- at worst. To make matters worse is to force one’s will upon others. That is what we are seeing in at least the matters of homosexuality, immigration and even creeping Sharia law to name a few. It is one thing to act or live contrary to the given law, ignoring or being unaware of the detrimental effects one suffers as a result. It is altogether worse to exert opposing influence upon others, especially when it has been voted upon democratically. What is more precarious and threatening is that many “overseers” and judges seem to share the same mindset.
We are ALL sinners by nature. No one is exempt. Thank God that He loves us with such a vibrant, strong, faithful and enduring love that He is unwilling to simply judge, but to show mercy in the form of unearned forgiveness, regeneration and salvation by grace through faith in His Son. That is a gift He has extended to ALL of us through Jesus Christ!