I hope you are doing well today, but also that you are teachable and willing to let God reveal the true state of your heart so that you can grow in Him, or begin to know Him if you don’t already. Like the Lord Jesus, I want you to be forgiven of your sins so that you won’t die in them. I want you to know the joy, peace and freedom that come from knowing your sins have been forgotten and that you will no longer walk in them.
In the above question, I am not asking if you are a Pharisee because that would mean that you are a Jewish religious leader who “strictly observes traditional and written law, and is commonly held to have pretensions of superior sanctity.” (Today, we would call that being perceived as somewhat “holier than thou.”)
But I AM asking if you share their mindset, their way of thinking, and their expectation of who the (second) coming Messiah is or should be. You may not go to church, believe in God, or espouse His love and free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. However, if you assume to go to Heaven based on any other “belief system,” personal opinion, view, ideology, impression, theory, notion or way of thinking which leads you to expect a favorable eternal outcome, then you have the same philosophy or mindset as the Pharisees.
Non-Messianic Jewish leaders were, and are, expecting and anticipating a different Messiah (Christ, anointed one) than who and what Jesus is. When the Son of God came to earth, He didn’t “fit the mold.” He didn’t conform to our way of thinking or acting. So, they refused to believe in Him, rejected Him from being in their lives and even killed Him- even though He arose and is alive today! Most, if not all, non-Christians do the same thing. God has revealed Himself in and through His Word and through His Son. He has provided the means by which our sins can be wiped clean and completely forgiven! He has paid the price and endured the guilty verdict and sentencing for us! But we choose our own paths, which don’t lead us anywhere but to death and Hell.
Learn from history and the mistakes of others. In your ignorance (lack of knowledge), stubbornness, rebellion or all of the above, exchange your Pharisee mindset for the truth that Almighty God willingly reveals to those who seek and listen to and follow Him. Thank God for His steadfast love and mercy that is available now through Jesus Christ, rather than persist in your sins and incur the rightful judgment that awaits those who reject Him. He is returning soon!


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