“Hello” and “Peace” (Shalom!) to all of you, believers and unbelievers alike!

My purpose and joy in creating this blog is to have an intelligent and respectful interaction with you centered around the truth of the Bible (God’s Word to us). Simultaneously myths, misinformation, false teachings and doctrines, and just a simple lack of knowledge in the area of Almighty God and His ways can lead to confusion and deceit. Having even a basic, but correct, understanding of who God is and His will and purposes is essential in this age of religions versus Christianity. There IS a difference!

A secondary, but no less important, reason for doing this was initiated by reading posted comments by a myriad of people on a wide variety of subjects on the internet in response to blogs, articles, etc. They range from a short phrase to a paragraph or more. Without going into unnecessary detail, suffice it to say that I was “educated” as to some attitudes, opinions and mindsets that seem prevalent with a few exceptions. And, in all honesty, many were even alarming and/or disappointing.

It is my sincere desire and hope that this blog will serve as a kind, peaceful, non-antagonistic exchange between us to ask and answer questions, and to dispel everything that seeks to be an obstacle to you knowing the truth about Jesus Christ, being born again by the Spirit, forgiveness, salvation and eternal life. God bless you!–